Extraordinary long term plan identifying phased steps of implementation. 2010 AIA Detroit Jury

About inFORM Studio

Mission Statement

inFORM studio is committed to the practice of designing exceptional environments that are economically, environmentally, and socially|culturally restorative and sustainable.  

Implementing a research based process, inFORM studio engages all scales and types of projects with a critical methodology focused on the realization of qualitative solutions to design problems.  The practice rigorously pursues a comprehensive benefit to the client, society, and our ecology in every endeavor.

in·form   (ĭn-fôrm')  
v.   in·formed, in·form·ing, in·forms

    1. To impart information to; make aware of something

    2. To give form or character to; imbue with a quality or an essence 

    3. to supply (oneself) with knowledge of a matter or subject


Core Commitments

  • Leadership through active participation in the communities we reside in.
  • Advocate community awareness about the built and natural environment.
  • Involvement in the academic pursuit of design excellence through higher education.
  • Mentorship of aspiring design professionals to reach their highest potential.
  • Best practice management of our natural resources and environment.
  • Responsible approach to bring about the highest value of client’s financial investment
  • Respect for all cultures and communities.


Core Disciplines

  • Planning
  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Interior Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Green consultation


Design Philosophy

Confronted with the prospect of global homogenization, historical imitation, environmental degradation and cultural disinterest, architecture and design are in a period of self-introspection.  

Space and articulated form ought to reverberate the essence of a purposeful existence.  Through thoughtful contemplation, a built environment conveys an expression of reason and the function it serves.  Architecture cannot exist without place.  It is essential that design exist outside of a vacuum, constantly being informed by and responding to its site and context.  The assimilation of a thorough research of place results in a harmonious relationship between a sensitive built environment realized in the fragile natural environment that informs it.

People epitomize the cultural context, the values and political systems of particular civilizations. Modern societies are faced with an increasing conflict between global homogeneity and the often criticized yet sometimes celebrated notion of difference.  It is our contention that humankind void of diversity is a society absent of thought.  On this basis, it is with great resolve that we aspire to reflect the societal idiosyncrasies of a culture in close collaboration with the people a project serves and represents.  Finally, the concept of time as it relates to architecture is strained by the ceaseless advancement of technology against a culture enamored with the idealization of eras past.  Architecture has become the singular paradox of societal advancement that attempts to resolve contemporary life with an antiquated response.  The replication of literal historical form has failed in its effort to address the complexities of our social condition, while demeaning the historical significance it seeks to represent.  An authentic interpretation of the multiplicity of modern humanity is vital to the framework of our architectural expression.

inFORM studio, PC is a Michigan professional corporation, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with offices in Chicago and Traverse City.  Formed in March 2000, inFORM studio (previously Van Tine|Guthrie studio) quickly earned a reputation for their progressive and innovative design work.  The firm has continued to receive peer recognition and community attention for design excellence in acquiring numerous state and local AIA Honor Awards and numerous international competitions; including the winning entry for the Bagley Street Pedestrian Bridge in Detroit, MI, the Providence Pedestrian Bridge in Rhode Island and the Civic Cultural Exhibition and Activity Center in Korla, China. inFORM studio was also selected as the only North American finalist from 1,557 entries worldwide for the Grand Egyptian Museum Competition in Cairo, Egypt.  

In an effort to pursue a higher level of research and immerse our practice in an environmentally sustainable approach to every project, the firm formally changed the name to inFORM studio in early 2007.  inFORM studio was recognized as the AIA Michigan 'Firm of the Year' in 2011 and remains committed to the practice of designing exceptional environments that are economically, environmentally, and culturally restorative and sustainable. 

Our team has consistently delivered notable design solutions within a broad range of project scopes. The diverse palette of our expertise enables the team to provide professional services for master planning, urban design, landscape design, facility assessment, renovations, new construction, sustainability consulting, and energy management. The size of our firm enables us to be efficient with small scale projects as low as $250K, but with the capacity to accomplish much larger scope projects, such as the recently completed Myrtle Beach International Airport Terminal with a construction cost of over $130 million.  We strive to respond to the multi-layered and complex needs of our clients with solutions that are both elegant and simple in their response.  We uphold the ideals of modern architecture and moderate our work with understated sensibility and intelligence.  The integrity of the work is evidenced through the consistent use of honest materiality in innovative ways to create uniquely textured and tactile environments.

The inFORM studio practice of design approaches the discipline as an integrated facet of a much larger comprehensive design process, rather than a singular component process.  Employing an analytical philosophy, the work achieves integrated solutions through constructed environments with results that benefit space needs, economics, environmental stewardship, and cultural relevance.  Achieving significant recognition for a diverse palette of expertise illustrates the capacity of the firm to situate a design process relevant to client needs.  inFORM studio collaborates with numerous experts in various disciplines challenging notions of the formulaic solution with designs that demonstrate a higher value yielded to the client, community and the environment.


Grand River Public Space
2016 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2015 AIA Detroit Honor Award

2015 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Bagley Pedestrian Bridge
2013 AIA Michigan Honor Award
2010 Roads & Bridges Magazine Top 10 Bridges of the Year 2009 AIA Detroit Unbuilt Honor Award

American Institute of Architects Firm of the Year
2011 AIA Michigan

Houseal Lavigne Associates
2011 AIA Michigan Honor Award

Withers Swash District Plan
2010 AIA Detroit Honor Award 2011 AIA Michigan Firm of the Year
Traverwood Library
14 Modern Marvelous Libraries
2011 Building of the Week American Architects 2010 Green Building of the Year Honorable Mention 2009 AIA Michigan Honor Award
2009 AIA Detroit Honor Award

2009 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Farmington Hills City Hall
2009 AIA Detroit Unbuilt Honor Award

inFORM studio
2009 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2008 AIA Detroit Honor Award

2008 AIA Detroit Honor Award

2006 AIA Michigan Honor Award

Effigy Studios
2005 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2005 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Detroit Public Schools TAV Redevelopment District
Support Services Center Building A 2005 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2005 AIA Detroit Honor Award Central Maintenance Hub
2004 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2004 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Van Tine|Guthrie Studio of Architecture
2005 AIA Michigan Honor Award
2003 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Detroit Public Schools Children’s Museum
2004 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2004 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Ruicci Residence
2004 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2004 AIA Detroit Honor Award


Sterling Millwork
2002 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2001 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Finalist 2000 FX International Design Awards, London England

Oakland Christian School
2001 Honor Award Masonry Institute of Michigan
2001 School Construction News and Design Share Awards

2000 AIA Detroit Honor Award

PDA Architects
1999 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Sibley’s Shoes - Great Lakes Crossing
1999 AIA Michigan Honor Award

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
1998 AIA Detroit Honor Award

Civic Cultural Exhibition and Activity Center (2011) First Place Winner - Invited Competition

Providence River Pedestrian|Cyclist Bridge (2010) Finalist - First Place Winner - Open Competition

Farmington Hills, Michigan City Hall Renovation (2008) Finalist - Invited Competition 2nd Phase

Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition (2007) Honorable Mention - Open Competition Shenzhen, China

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights (2004) Finalist - Invited Competition 2nd Phase

The Grand Egyptian Museum (2003) Finalist - Invited Competition 2nd Phase

The Gateway Project Pedestrian Bridge (1998) First Place Winner - Open Competition

Bigfoot NFL Stadium Competition (1997) Finalist - Open Competition

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church (1994) First Place Winner - Invited Competition

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