Alexander Residence

Birmingham, Michigan


  • Title: Alexander Residence
  • Subtitle: Birmingham, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


Phase I - Complete/Phase II - Schematic Design

A simple white interior volume serves as the container for a rich expression of contrasting millwork. A continuous ribbon of deep reddish-brown wood wraps its way around the walls of the room from floor to ceiling, forming at one end a vanity space with a light canopy, and at the other a shower-surround that folds down as a bathmat into the plane of the floor. The stark corridor highlights a series of doors, which project out or push into the plane of the wall, proclaiming their autonomy within each space. A frosted heavy acrylic sheet provides a soft screen to separate public and private ends of the corridor. Phase one of this two-phase residential renovation is complete. Phase two is a major remodel including the addition of a second floor, extension of the first floor, and completely new exterior shell, to be completed in 2004.

-Photography by Justin Maconochie