Alias Wavefront

Royal Oak, Michigan


  • Title: Alias Wavefront
  • Subtitle: Royal Oak, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


Adaptive reuse in a modern conurbation demands urban responsiveness and ingenuity of programmatic retrofit. An aggressive installation of a progressive software development office space in the heart of the idiosyncratic downtown of Royal Oak unifies a former cyber cafe and dress boutique. The introspective layout re-examines the functional behavior of the office environment with celebratory tactile detailing. Programmatic arrangement is purposely inchoate, structured around a synergistic workspace known as the Bistro. The space flexibly serves as waiting area, lunchroom and conference room, providing the most definitive location for brainstorming between developers, technicians and sales. The removal of existing display boxes, previously closing off the interior from the floor to ceiling lobby glass, opened the space to the existing travertine lobby as though it were a continuance of the exterior streetscape and allowed for a more privatized entrance. The offices and conference rooms' ephemeral articulation along the perimeter blur the edge of enclosure, revealing much about the new member of the community within.

-Photography by Laszlo Regos