Benton Harbor Riverfront

Benton Harbor, Michigan


  • Title: Benton Harbor Riverfront
  • Address: Benton Harbor, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


The City of Benton Harbor established an updated Master Plan with a comprehensive set of goals to become a more sustainable city.  A significant aspect of this master plan was to reclaim the riverfront environmentally, and increase the productive utilization of over 170 acres for urban renewal, residential development, and passive and active recreation space.  The intertwining of mixed use districts, open space, and residential connectivity opens the riverfront for use by the entire community in an environmentally friendly way.  Connecting ecologically rich water bodies and adding community awareness and stewardship exposure to these amenities, encourages a sense of civic pride and ownership for the overall quality of the city.  In addition, strategic density increases the overall property values of the mixed-use, commercial, residential, and open space properties.