Berridge Place

Flint, Michigan


  • Title: Berridge Place
  • Subtitle: Flint, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


The Garland Street study, and the ensuing renovation, is illustrative of the nation’s renewed interest in urban living and the many benefits these types of projects can bring to our quality of life.  This study yields tremendous potentials but not without many of the challenges facing so many urban renewal plans, primarily cost. Important aspects considered in the evaluation of this study are the identification of it as a catalyst project and as recognition of the context around it.


The development of a proposed conceptual site plan is an important step in evaluating the feasibility of how this collection of structures and space can operate as a cohesively planned unit development.  Given the interstitial nature of the site situated between residential, commercial and educational, a mixed-use project with a diverse set of typologies is the most appropriate solution programmatically.


The Berridge Place building is the anchor of the project.  It provides more density and the most essential mix of program of any of the proposed renovated structures within the study. The existing exterior boasts a wonderful architectural quality, yet the interior requires a complete transformation.  This renovation although extensive provides an excellent opportunity for diverse residential units appealing to a broad range of prospective residents.  The mix of retail at the lower level addresses a very public corner and provides an opportunity for much-needed, convenient market-type store to the area.