Berry Terminal Renovation

Romulus, Michigan


  • Title: Berry Terminal Renovation
  • Subtitle: Romulus, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


The adaptive re-use of the Berry Terminal for general office operations for the Wayne County Airport Authority considered two approaches based on the feasibility study and space program provided:

Conventional Approach

The conventional approach embraces an infill strategy consistent with the initial feasibility study. The programming is organized within large floor plates to accommodate adjacencies. This strategy is relatively invasive to the existing structure but is the most economically efficient solution for accommodating the required square footage. However, there are several negative repercussions that result from this approach:

Destroys the integrity of the existing qualitative space

Eliminates numerous opportunities for daylighting and resulting energy reduction

Contributes to internal corridors resulting in difficulty for wayfinding and circulation efficiencies

Reduces potential for exterior views to a minimal level which increases probability of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Eliminates the possibility of Natural Ventilation and associated energy savings

Does not acknowledge a sense of entry compatible with new typology without further exterior renovations

WCAA identity is not considered with any exterior manifestation

Innovative Approach

An alternative approach is to implement a strategy of addition. The introduction of a slender bar of program integrates a design form specifically for office typology and optimizes the overall project for the introduction of sustainable principles into the architectural form of the existing and new:

Maintains the spatial integrity of the existing structure and connects all three levels visually with the existing atrium, providing very clear visual connections for large floor plates improving circulation and wayfinding

Introduction of daylighting to the majority of spaces

Repurposing the existing skylight shaft as a heat chimney creates a stack effect improving ventilation

High performance building envelope would enclose the new square footage and a portion of the existing structure helping to reduce the overall energy usage

Formation of quality exterior courtyard spaces with the orientation and form of the new office bar

Integration of numerous views to landscape areas for quality of interior space

New building façade creates an identity for the WCAA and integrates a clarity of entrance into the building form

Formal strategy contributes greatly to LEED points and reduces the need for more costly mechanical systems to gain energy efficiencies required