Cedar Crest Academy

Springfield Twp., Michigan


  • Title: Cedar Crest Academy
  • Subtitle: Springfield Twp., Michigan
  • Phase: complete


The siting of this building is paramount. Its location conforms to the physical constraints established by adjacent structures, while simultaneously harmonizing with its placid setting. The vision for the project is to extend the distinctive campus atmosphere of this elementary school with a new freestanding structure, which will house spaces for various student activities. The building takes advantage of the existing lay of the land by introducing a lower level underneath the multi-purpose room at one end. Two classrooms used for music and art classes will occupy this space. The structure is an adaptation of pre-engineered construction and expresses itself honestly without being trite. The building's earth-toned masonry rises out of the hillside, subtly contrasting itself with the natural world. Above the masonry is a corrugated steel siding that wraps the building, providing a striking interplay of materials. The structure exudes its own unique and deliberately contemporary feel, while maintaining a complimentary presence in the sloping landscape.