Chapin Park

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


  • Title: Chapin Park
  • Subtitle: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Phase: complete
  • Size: 7.3


The Chapin Park P.U.D. is currently being assembled to comprise approximately 7.3 acres of property in downtown Myrtle Beach. The property is bounded by Chapin Park to the west, 14th Avenue to the south, 16th Avenue to the north, and 360 feet of beach front to the east. Negotiations with the city to incorporate Chapin Park and the Myrtle Beach Public Library into the project are currently pending. The goals for the project are to consider a development that responds to the growing tourist culture visiting Myrtle Beach, integrates a program that benefits the local community, and will achieve a much richer interpretation of the Grand Strand. Density studies are currently underway to underwrite a baseline pro-forma verifying the size, scope, and budget for the project. However, the development group is seeking input from the design team to inform the pro-forma and participate in the overall analysis of the site and project.