Compuware Hospitality Suites

Detroit, Michigan


  • Title: Compuware Hospitality Suites
  • Subtitle: Detroit, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


Compuware Hospitality Suites is the proposed renovation and interior design of the existing lobby, as well as the fifth and sixth floors, of the Lofts of Woodward in Detroit, Michigan. The renovation of two apartments transformed the space into an executive lounge, gym, business center and office. Design of a new entrance adjacent to the elevators included a concierge area, which provides the initial transition between public and private spaces. The slatted form acts as both an invitation and a screen in bridging the elevator entrance volume with the executive lounge. The project continues this investigation with a series of private spaces in cascading degree, each layer becoming more sheltered and reserved than the one before. It culminates in the gym volume, which selectively controls the views inward and outwards.