DaVita Healthcare

National Prototype

Louetta, TX


In 2014inFORM studio was commissioned by DaVita Healthcare to evaluate their ICHDprototype design.  Following 18 months ofresearch, programming evaluation, workshop events, material studies andcommentary on an iterative document, the release of the ICHD prototype designguide was released.


Inclusive ofDaVita is about their patients. Their goal is to provide them with the bestpossible service and care. In conjunction with that goal, the organization ofthe clinic program strives to contribute in the same way. Through a “servant”and “served” relationship between support and treatment spaces, the clinicprogram can help to optimize efficiencies throughout a clinic attributing tothe overall goal.



·       Develop an economy of standards throughout theclinic design process to increase efficiencies among teammates and valuedpartners.

·       Establish a “Furnished-by-Owner” program to takeadvantage of DaVita “buying power”, strengthen brand consistency, andstandardize design specifications

·       Continue to create higher performing clinics atlower construction and life-cycle costs

·       Enhance the Village culture throughout theclinics by aligning principles of program, function and appearance