Detroit Public Schools Support Services Building

Detroit, Michigan


  • Title: Detroit Public Schools Support Services Building
  • Subtitle: Detroit, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


The Thorn Apple Valley redevelopment is an analysis into the adaptive reuse of a collection of processing and manufacturing facilities for the future use of office space and distribution for an urban school district.  Through a series of diagrams, this study illustrates attributes of the existing site, circulation and structures that require careful consideration as it relates to a typological transformation.  

The study is comprised of an evaluation and strategy for the urban development as a whole but more specifically addresses the overall strategy as it relates to the specificity of each structure within the area.  Predicated by the project scope, urban design concepts are considered through introductions within the architecture.  A brief observation of the site makes it evident that the existing context must demonstrate a new sensitivity to a secure environment, building orientation, scale and pedestrian access.  Individual projects are linear in their sequence of thought, as the project scope has increased.  However, relationships are facilitated between buildings as each new project is added to the scope.  The study is a new paradigm in thought as one explores collective building design as an individual urban design.