Flint Master Plan

Flint, Michigan


  • Address: Flint, Michigan


Flint is a city poised and ready for transformation. A city committed to reinventing itself by building upon its rich history, strong character, and enduring work ethic. A city eager to once again stand as a symbol to the nation as to what hard work, ingenuity, and commitment can achieve. Flint is a city dedicated to forging innovation and creativity into a city of new opportunity, vitality, and livability.

The last half century has been hard on Flint. A fifty percent population decrease, thousands of vacant structures, a decimated local economy, and a fragmented development pattern have left the City a bruised and battered version of its former self. But, while disconnected neighborhoods, contaminated industrial sites, and neglected facilities are now too common, the seeds for reinvention have already begun to emerge - churches leading community gardening initiatives; not-for-profits clearing dilapidated structures; world class cultural and educational facilities, and the development of the City's first Master Plan in more than 50 years - Imagine Flint.

Imagine Flint as a nourishing city that is walkable and well served with transit, providing easy and convenient access to a diverse mix of uses. Imagine Flint with strong neighborhoods with housing options that meet the needs of all residents at all stages of life and socio-economic status. Neighborhoods are we// served with nearby open space and recreational opportunities to foster a healthy and active community. Imagine Flint thriving economically, with an abundance of employment opportunities and a local workforce of educated residents trained for the jobs of the 21st Century. "Green", "Sustainable", and "Healthy" are synonymous with Flint, as the City has fully embraced the notion of innovative best practices in "green" industry and infrastructure.

Imagine Flint values educational strength and cultural richness. The City, already blessed with world class cultural amenities, is now building upon its cultural history and establishing a new legacy for an engaged and aware constituency of artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. "Creative Districts" now thrive in the City, serving as beacons to anyone with an idea or dream and the determination to make it a reality. The best and brightest young minds from across the City are trained and educated to compete with students from across the globe. Recognized as one of the City's most valuable resources, the youth of Flint are being prepared to be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Imagine Flint represents the community's shared values. It is a "roadmap", the "game plan", a "foundation for future decision-making" that is framed around six core themes that have been identified and embraced by the entire community - Social Equity and Sustainability; Reshaping the Economy; Quality of Life; Adapting to Change; Youth; and Civic Life. With the mission of guiding the actions that will transform the City, Imagine Flint will be used by the people of Flint to make a strong city stronger. Its recommendations and strategies will work to collectively improve the overall quality of life and enrich the human experience. Flint's potential is limitless, and its people tireless, as they work to improve the city they so love and are proud of.

Imagine Flint, at its heart, is a chance for the people of Flint to imagine what their future might be. It is the result of thousands of people who dared to imagine a better Flint; who love their city so much, they took the time to come together to discuss their ideas, voice their fears, and share their dreams and aspirations. With the knowledge that there is much work to be done, and the willingness to do it, the people of Flint have imagined a better life that they themselves can help create- Imagine Flint.