HGTC Culinary Arts Center

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


  • Address: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


The feasibility study for the HGTC Culinary Arts Facility consisted of a four week intensive process that included precedent research, curriculum study, programming, and conceptual design. Working with the Culinary Arts Advisory Board, the collaborative effort resulted in a dynamic concept for the new facility.

The Culinary Arts Program is considered the future front door to the HGTC Myrtle Beach campus, taking an innovative approach in displaying the learning spaces to the public. The amphitheater style demonstration kitchen and baking lab are showcased near the main entrance. The large public lobby allows for a clear public/private delineation to occur and doubles as a banquet function space with access to the two restaurant kitchens
Attention to logistics were of paramount importance. Careful study was given to the operational organization at the conceptual level. The design was also cognizant of a sustainable design both in the building itself and from an operational perspective.