Highland Park Baptist Church

Southfield, MI


Highland Park Baptist Church sought to update the aesthetics of their current facilities and enhance the sense of participation in the worship experience by reinforcing the visual and spiritual connection from the congregation to the service.  As a phase approach, the following projects are included in the plan: renovation of chapel, update the atrium | main lobby, renovation of the sanctuary and exterior signage.  The chapel renovation included the introduction of a more performance based stage and sound control booth for youth services and flexible events.  The updated atrium organizes interstitial space into useful programs and seating zones.  The new sanctuary design removed extraneous elements and introduced a simple, flexible and unifying background.  The expanded stage becomes more flexible with the introduction of a moveable and collapsing platform to accommodate a full choir or the contemporary worship team.  Fabric scrims, translucent panels and in-stage lighting were added to modulate the mood, effect acoustics and unify the sanctuary for both traditional and contemporary services.