illy Espressamente

Detroit, Michigan


The addition of the 1,485 sf iconic coffee bar and 775 sf of lounge seating accompanies other well renowned and recognizable features of the 2002 McNamara Terminal – the Water Fountain and the Light Tunnel. The “Fountain Bar” offers a graceful, yet bold, gesture to Concourse A by presenting “Espressamente illy” a genuine Italian coffee bar experience characterized since 1933 worldwide by its contemporary style, tireless quest of coffee quality and elegance. Inspired by the McNamara Water Feature in which water streams represent lines of flight, the Iconic bar echoes these graceful lines into an equally graceful cloud like form, wrapping its seemingly floating ribbons to house the renown international coffee brand and contemporary bar/lounge. The form flows freely relying on the orchestration of tectonic character and technology to formulate a series of floating-like ribbons of light and multimedia.

This organic Coffee bar/lounge Installation is paired with the water feature to provide the airport guest a central point of destination to decompress, relax and pare out a familiar space to meet with traveling friends and colleagues, or to simply pause for a moment of quiet reflection and enjoy world class food and beverage service along the mile-long, concourse A.