inFORM studio

Northville, Michigan

Northville, Michigan


  • Title: inFORM studio
  • Subtitle: Northville, Michigan
  • Address: Northville, Michigan
  • Phase: complete
  • Green: leed_silver
  • Budget: $250,000


The adaptive reuse of a late 19th century Ford Valve warehouse structure on Main Street in the historic downtown of Northville, Michigan, provided a unique opportunity for the insertion of a progressive architecture studio.  An intervention of translucent acrylic, steel and stained MDF generates the presence of entry, yet preserves the archeological condition of the found space.  The studio space thrives in an open collaborative setting, wrought with experimentation of tectonics and materials.  Reducing the shell to its most essential condition, exposed brick, original concrete floors and deck, it translates into a container for programmatic insertions comprised primarily of furnishings.  Workstations consider a comprehensive ergonomic flexibility with autonomously supported adjustable surfaces, moveable storage cabinets and CPU carts.  Steel and wood engage in an expressive dialogue in the detailing of lighting, plan rack storage, shelving and supports.  Formal articulation of the space responds to the functional requisites of people and equipment, manifesting an intended space for the plethora of paraphernalia we have amassed to practice this profession of architecture.