Keego Harbor

Keego Harbor, Michigan


  • Title: Keego Harbor
  • Subtitle: Keego Harbor, Michigan
  • Phase: complete
  • Budget: $2.3 Million
  • Size: 8500


The Keego Harbor City Hall presents a critical opportunity to initiate a considerable identification for a community with a tremendous potential for future success. The amenity of being situated between Cass Lake and Sylvan Lake engenders a quality of life that many communities would envy and provides an incredible potential for the consideration of a municipal complex within the heart of this community. The current city hall, located on the property with the most promise in the city, clearly indicates a structure that has endured beyond its capacity to serve the community. The current site, comprised of the area between Schroeder and Knowlson, and Beechmont and Madday, illustrates the rural beauty and notion of water that embodies what Keego Harbor is about, however it lacks the facility that demonstrates the recognition of such a pleasant place. This proposal presents a vision that this site could become not only the location of the City Hall but the possibility for the future location of a municipal complex inclusive of the City Hall, post office, police station, fire station, library and park. The City Hall would become a catalyst for civic buildings to consolidate in an area symbolizing the importance and central location of this complex. Such a space would become a destination within and for the community. Critical to the success of the City Hall is its location and demonstration of civic presence. Situating the structure at the corner of Schroeder and Beechmont presents a pedestrian minded approach and terminates the vista along Schroeder Blvd. Its location adjacent to the Roosevelt School supplements its civic stature and its visibility within the community. On street parking, and a small civic plaza in front of the building clearly define entrance and encourage activity. Visitors parking along the streets provide a pedestrian movement consistent with the notion of civic entrance and the slender passage from the site parking lot leads visitors to the front entrance as well. The building form is a dialogue between the city hall proper and ancillary institutions such as police or other flexibly used community spaces. The Police Station is anchored at the corner of the site at the ground floor with flexibly used adjacent space that provides easy pedestrian access and a sense of close proximity to both the community and the City Hall. The City Hall is a second story band over the Police Station that personifies a prominence within the community and allows the public functions of City Hall to spill down to a lower level with a public plaza in front of it. The building defines its uses by a change in materials between cement board and a colored plywood. recalling the nautical identity of the original watercraft in this area.