Langtree at the Lake

Mooresville, North Carolina


  • Address: Mooresville, North Carolina


The 300+ acre Langtree at the Lake development demonstrates a progressive solution to planning, land-use, ecology and future living.  The immersive approach to sustainability is defined by four key infrastructures that guide the project morphology- namely blue, green, gray and red.  Blue infrastructure deals specifically with things such as flood protection, water conservation, watershed protection and water management.  Green infrastructure applies to topics such as habitat, carbon sinks, natural cooling and microclimate control.  Gray includes elements of transit, energy strategies and waste management.  Red infrastructure defines where building form occurs, the public realm, recreational spaces and enclosures occur.  A conventional approach assumes the planning process begins with red and gray.  The Langtree at the Lake development starts with techniques to maximize the potential of blue and green infrastructure, allowing the red and gray components to benefit from the optimized resources retained, and in some cases improved, within the natural environments they emanate from.