Lansing Community College Dart and Gannon

Lansing, Michigan


  • Address: Lansing, Michigan


As a study of campus visibility for Lansing Community College, inFORM studio proposed a series of facade renvoations for buildings with high visibility on campus.  The Dart Auditorium facade treatment is intended to create a vibrancy and exposure at the campus entry point along Capitol Avenue.  The west and south facing facades introduce new circulatory program as a wrapper that engages the public domain with a transparent reading.  The edge becomes identifiable and announces a new entrance to the auditorium function.  The Gannon Building recently went through a renovation but absent from the original programming was a substantial point of entry along the east-west campus axis.  A new entrance structure is propsed with an interactive digital facade within the opening.  The powerful entry vestibule is the primary point of access to the new Student Services Shop from the campus interior.  The intention is to remain sensitive to the new architectural treatment south of the entrance, yet highlight the critical importance of this location along the campus axis.