LTU Auditorium Renovation

Southfield, Michigan


  • Address: Southfield, Michigan


The renovation and modernization to Lawrence Technological University's 8,500 square foot Science Building Auditorium fully addresses the university's growing technical and presentation needs while upgrading the acoustic quality of the space and providing universal access to the lower front row and stage.  In addition to serving as a 292 seat, school-wide lecture hall, modernization of the auditorium's systems will create a versatile and flexible performance space to fully address the artistic programming needs of the university.  Acoustic wall panels, updated finishes, new seating, improved sight lines, a new elevator, expanded back stage, an addition of back-of-house dressing and green room, and complete HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, projection and sound systems were included in the scope.  Custom acoustic wall and ceiling panels are aligned to maximize the acoustic quality of the space and control the room ambiance.  Blended screen projection with scalable display software integrates state-of-the-art technology to add a greater functionality and versatility to a previously underutilized au