Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge

268 High Road, London, England GB


The Chameleon Bridge is a signature proposal for the Nine Elms to Pimlico Crossing, integrating numerous design solutions into a singular comprehensive vision. The intervention morphs its form based on its immediate surrounding context and provides an intelligent user interface. The framework for the design can be described best through the following fluid zones.

St. George’s Square flows seamlessly into the Pimlico Gardens defining an important natural character along the Thames River. A topographical manipulation and modification to the park maintains a critical greenspace for the neighborhood while introducing a comfortable progression from the street at 5.0 meters to the elevated surface over the water at 11.0 meters. The reconfigured park space introduces new program space such as a sloped lawn and amphitheater terracing while re-situating important locations for historically important elements such as the white marble statue of William Huskisson MP.

Elegance meets powerful with the assimilation of a glass skin that operates as a minimal skirt on the north end of the bridge and morphs into an exuberant wrapper and canopy entrance framing the contemporary urbanity of the Pimlico Neighborhood at the south side. A simple cable-stay is de-emphasized with a focus on flexible illumination concepts of the skin that range from simple translucency on the north to celebratory color schemes on the south.