Peninsula Esmeralda

Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata Dominican Republic


  • Title: Peninsula Esmeralda
  • Address: Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata
  • Phase: complete


Peninsula Esmeralda is an emerging development with an expressed interest in exploring contemporary solutions to sustainable tourism, renewable energies, bio-diversity, and regional education with an interest in realizing a project that pursues these goals through an innovative, green architecture.

Initiated by the grassroots strategic planning + sustainable development collaborative, Esmeralda Conceptions, the project has commenced with a 120 day research and conceptual study phase.  As a result of an intensive research and analysis process into the proceeding topics, the Esmeralda Conceptions team seeks to investigate new potentials and set a precedent for a small scale mixed-use resort development. The intentions are to explore new possibilities for integrating diverse typologies that will present a synergistic relationship to one another and be conceived with an architecture that is both relevant to regional skill sets and a model for sustainable design.