Ruicci Residence

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Farmington Hills, Michigan


  • Title: Ruicci Residence
  • Subtitle: Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Address: Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


A single room addition to a private residence presents an investigative approach to a dichotomous program in a wooded suburban setting.  A married couple interested in a more contemporary lifestyle favored a space that “seemed like you were outside, with all the comforts of interior space”.  However, their desire was to consider this space as a home theatre as well.

Nestled into a pocket of open space within its wooded confines, the addition creates a courtyard between the existing and new with a grouping of trees at its center.  The result is an experiential commentary on the sylvan environment.  During the processional sequence through the bridge from the existing house, a slender aperture emphasizes the verticality of a single tree.  A horizontal slot illustrates the repetition of the grouping, and one then emerges into the main space experiencing the totality of the woods through the transparent envelope.  The morphology of the project is predicated by deep overhangs and projected wall surfaces, providing a shaded quality of ambient natural light.  Spaces between objects are rendered transparent, blurring the distinction between interior and exterior space.  The thick opaque arc, extending beyond the glass walls, shields the entertainment center from the southern sun.    The entertainment system itself is dualistic in nature.  Predominantly, it is perceived as an elegant library/storage wall.  Through a transformative process of sliding panels the speakers emerge and a screen slips down through a slotted enclosure to provide a Lucas approved SDDS theatre system.  Slotted niches in the arced wall beyond recognize the surround speakers and projector locations.  The custom designed furnishings include the entertainment system, built-in couch, side table and elevated dog bed.

-Photography by Beth Singer