Sibley's Shoes

Auburn Hills, Michigan


  • Title: Sibley's Shoes
  • Subtitle: Auburn Hills, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


Circulation through the space is structured through a rhythm of spaces delineated about an ellipse located asymmetrically within the plan.  Overlaid on this elliptical groundwork is a strong rectilinear grid perceivable on the walls and canopy structure above.  Weaving through it is an industrial aesthetic of urban vernacular conjugated with precision detailing, culminating in a cerebral sensory experience.  The diverse language of materials and articulation illustrate a sensitive permutation to the corporation’s vision of store display.  Brick piers, representing an urban and haptic quality, are fiercely penetrated by cantilevered, machine ground stainless steel shelves exhibiting a sense of presentation to display.                                                    

-Photography by Laszlo Regos