Sterling Millwork

Farmington Hills, Michigan


  • Title: Sterling Millwork
  • Subtitle: Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Phase: complete


Conceived as a museum of millwork, the interior forms within the office space are presented as artistic sculptures that are visually independent but collectively define space.  Each artistic gesture is an avatar of the craftsmen's talent in a particular material or medium.  The sculptures are holistic and penetrations within the sculptures are controlled by elements inherent to the sculpture itself.  The insertions are intertwined to define space and provide cohesion between   elements, while maintaining their individuality.  The interior gallery imposes itself upon the exterior, eroding the northwest corner of the existing structure to form a new entry and picture    window.  Symbolizing a regenerative process similar to the peeling of skin, the exterior articulation embodies a stripping away of the old existing membrane, revealing a fresh layer beneath.  Recladding the exterior soffit with patina copper panels and cladding the exposed wall surface with tarnished copper panels reveals the evolutionary attributes of construction materials.  Simultaneously, the new exterior insertions allude to the exuberance of the interior when unified with the picture window, bringing the gallery to the street.  The plan is composed to afford an observer from the exterior a view through the entire public space, with the reception area receiving special prominence within a framed aperture. 

-Photography by Laszlo Regos