Urban Planning + Exhibition Center

Yantai, Shandong China


  • Address: Yantai, Shandong
  • Postal code: 264000


The Yantai EconomyDevelopment District is one of the 14 national standard development districts,which is nominated by the Chinese government for introducing an Economy Development District concept.  It has been recognized as the Blue Economy District in Shandong Peninsula Island,and is an important example of a Hi-tech industrial District in Jiaodong PeninsulaIsland.  For the demand of urbandevelopment and to perform the achievements of planning and construction of thearea, the Local Council of Development District has decided to construct a highstandard Urban Planning and Exhibition Center in the coastal planning region.

The proposed Urban Planningand Exhibition Center is located at the Haibin Square inthe development district, there are 4 other resort hotels which are alreadycompleted within this area.  The designteam investigated and studied ‘The Master Scheme of Urban Designing forYantai Development District Coast’, and according to this document, considered the existing features, ie; The Council Management and Reception Center in thewest; Existing Resort Hotels; and other existing structures and facilities,etc.  All elements and featureswere considered into a holistic master plan and design for a landmark development.

The Urban Planning and Exhibition Center is divided into Exhibition Spaceand Administration Space, totalling 15,000 square meters.