Compelling and clear connection from the ecological history of the site and library. 2009 AIA Detroit Jury


The inFORM studio practice of architecture approaches the discipline as an integrated facet of a much larger comprehensive design process, rather than a singular component process.  Employing an analytical philosophy, the work achieves integrated solutions through constructed environments with results that benefit space needs, economics, environmental stewardship, and cultural relevance. 

Achieving signigicant recognition for a diverse palette of expertise illustrates the capacity of the firm to situate a design process relevant to client needs.  inFORM studio collaborates with numerous experts in various disciplines challenging notions of the formulaic solution with designs that demonstrate a higher value yielded to the client, community, and the environment. 

The integration of constructed and natural environments within the means of economic feasibility is the essence of a sustainable, successful master plan.  The inFORM studio master planning process engages multiple relevant disciplines with recognized expertise in specialites such as market analysis, economic feasibility, climate engineering, energy management, transit, infrastructure, ecology, hydrology and water management. 

This expertise is translated into a highly engaging community outreach and public participation process designed to galvanize all stakeholders.  The result is the development of a highly sophisticated body of analysis translated into tangible visual graphics illustrating research, vision, strategies, a comprehensive design, and implementation techniques.

Depending on the context, the final master plan could be formatted in a variety of ways. Highly visual summary versions of the plan can be developed for wide distribution, slide and video presentations, book format, museum exhibits, large-scale models, press packages for targeted audiences, websites, billboards and other media used to communicate the essence of the design.

Urban design is a broadly definded discipline inherently centered around place-making.  A true sense of place is defined by its appropriateness for human activity and the inherent sense of stewardship a community attains for the space that defines it.  The inFORM studio practice of urban design blends the attributes of an engaging participatory process that listens intently to client and community with a design process layered with critical thought.  The process challenges a more fomulaic response that is so often the solution to urban design ideas with exciting propositions that uniquely represent their institutions, organizations and communities alike.

inFORM studio aspires to realize urban design (place-making) within countless environments that may include plazas, rooftops, transportation infrastructure, bridges, landscape, waterfronts, campuses, large scale interiors, street corridors or any type of loosely defined district or region.  The potential of urban design to positively transform any type of location is innumerable, requiring only a desire and vision to achieve it.

Green Consulting

inFORM studio embraces a triple bottom line philosophy of sustainability that recognizes environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability as a synergistic set of intertwined relationships. The genesis of integrating sustainable principles into our practice started with planning and architecture.  Continued experience working with numerous industries in the past decade- including the international hospitality sector, health sector, libraries, and city planning agencies- has evolved, expanded and diversified our expertise to provide sustainable consulting services in the most comprehensive sense.  

inFORM studio is equipped to evaluate your organization, institution or business in regards to energy, waste management, resource utilization, water management, transportation, facilities, labor, community outreach and marketing; and provide recommendations and solutions to increase your environmental, social and economic bottom line.

inFORM studio is a member of the United States Green Building Council and has numerous Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) on staff.  Our headquarters has achieved a LEED silver rating from the USGBC.


LEED Project Management

  • LEED Project Management / Team Coordination
  • LEED Construction & Project Support Services 
  • Facilitation and Coordination of LEED templates and submissions for design and construction teams
  • Evaluate LEED credits from beginning to end of rating process


Sustainability Assessment & Integration 

  • Facility Assessments
  • Carbon Emission Analysis and Reduction Plans
  • Tenant Guidelines 
  • Strategic Green Planning
  • Ecological Footprint Assessment
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Environmental Impact Reduction
  • Operation Cost Analysis 


Green Design & Review Services / Green Consulting

  • LEED Assessment
  • Energy Star Rating Coordination
  • Green Design Guidelines
  • Design Document & Specification Review
  • Design Tool Development
  • Renewable Energy
  • Product & Material Research
  • Green RFP & Contract Review
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Habitat Restoration Strategy 
  • Ecological Master Planning 
  • Charrette Facilitation


Green Advocacy / Public Policy

  • Master Planning
  • Development of Standards, Programs, Policy & Guidelines
  • Grant Writing Services
  • Tax Incentive Research


Public Awareness

  • Education
  • Presentations